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Classic materials are those with which we have a long and productive history. elements such as wood, stone, and fabric have long been used to great advantage in interior design and continue to this day to provide warmth, reassurance, and a quiet sense of serenity. In short, these elements are the foundation on which most interior designers base their projects. We are comfortable with these elements because we know them so well. We know how to use them to our best advantage; we are comfortable with installation and application; we understand their characteristics. Most of us grew up with the warm, rich glow of beautifully polished wood finishes and the intricate and interesting way in which the grain of wood plays with the curve of a chair leg or headboard. We understand the cool, elegant appeal of marble and stone, which enhance the beauty of other elements in a room. classic elements provide a sense of security and permanence. Are they, therefore, too restrained and conservative to be actually usable in today’s interiors? Of course not.

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